Jexys Juniors Childminding Service Ofsted Approved

Children love routine; I believe routine helps babies and young children to feel secure and contented.  As all children are different it is very important that I find a way to meet each child's requirements without upsetting any of my existing childrens' routine.  Our routine at present is not set in stone but is something like this:  

Children begin to arrive

Breakfast for those who eat here

* Activity Time


10am Morning Snack


12pm Lunch



Nap time - for napping aged children

Quiet Time - for older children

* Activity Time


3:30pm Afternoon snack


5pm Dinner for those who eat here

Freeplay until parents collect their child(ren)


* Activity Time: this time includes things like Toddler Group sessions, structured activities (baking, playdoh, drawing, crafts, sand/water play, etc), trips to softplay or the park, walks, etc.