Jexys Juniors Childminding Service Ofsted Approved

Both of my children had Helena as their childminder and loved her and the setting. They settled extremely well and that was all down to Helena and her hard work. Her level of care and attention to the children is excellent and I always felt assured that my children were so well looked after. She provides a large range of activities and works hard to make sure that not only does every child enjoy themselves but that they learn at the same time. Her communication is fantastic and she knows the children in her setting extremely well. My daughter who is now at school still talks about Helena and how much she misses going to her house which I think speaks volumes.

Debbie, Yeovil - March 2017

I cannot believe that today was J's last 'official' day with his amazing childminder Helena Jex.... I never thought this day would come.... J has had the most amazing 3 years of learning experiences and made special friends.....Helena has been compassionate, thoughtful, empathetic, creative and fun throughout! Thank goodness L will soon be following in his footsteps and having her own amazing journey. J wanted to make Helena a gift which showed all the skills he has learnt.

Louise, Yeovil - July 2016

Fantastic childminder available on Abbey Manor [now relocated to Mudford Road], highly recommended. I have been using Jexys Juniors for 3 years now, my daughter is six and is so happy and content there.

Karen, Yeovil

My daughter was with Helena from a year old, for eight months and was very happy to be left with her. She enjoyed the variety of toys and sensory items that she could play with and the interaction with other toddlers by going to a playgroup. Helena was very good with her and I always felt happy going off to work knowing that she was in trusted hands. The learning journal that we were able to look at via the website was really useful and a fantastic record of her progress

Sarah, Sherborne

Communication is excellent and routines kept as similar as possible. Great activities, lots of contact, detailed notes and excellent evidence of early learning goals - it's all perfect. Activities are always stimulating and well organised, with safety first.

Louise, Yeovil

Helena looked after C from about 8 months old and from day 1, she was really happy with Helena and got excited on the days she was there. Helena is passionate about having fun with children and supporting them in their development. C would paint, bake, play, make crafts, relax (!), have stories, sing songs and also attend toddler groups. But most important was Helena maintained the routine we have at home with afternoon sleeps and food/drink etc ..

Katie, Yeovil